CPI’s LaTableRonde (LTR) are un-moderated by invitation only, 90-minute roundtable discussions held off-site at a loft on West 21 Street, NYC. These forums focus on contemporary cultural and social issues prompted by materials supplied by an invited prompter and providing 30 participants with the opportunity to informally exchange their views in a non-institutional setting. Audio recordings and transcriptions are made available to the participants and will not be posted to any website.

LTR Whitney Biennial #1: On the Institution
March 20, 2014
Prompter: Stuart Horodner, Artistic Director: Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, editor of the of book “The Art Life: On Creativity and Career.”

LTR Whitney Biennial  #2: On Curating and Authorship
April 24, 2014
Prompter: Michelle Grabner: artist, curator writer, co-founder with Brad Killiam of The Suburban, Oak Park, Illinois, and The Poor Farm in the Town of Little Wolf in Waupaca County, Wisconsin.

LTR Whitney Biennial  #3: On Art as Apparatus
May 22, 2014
Prompter: Sanford Biggers: interdisciplinary artist working in film/video, installation, sculpture, music, and performance. Lives and works in NYC.


LEF(t) Publications’ Whitney Biennial Special Editions

LEF(t) Publications produces LEF(t) Standard Edition (SE), Special Editions (Sp.E), and un-Limited as well as some merchandise such as buttons, and collectables. LEF(t) Standard Edition is a 22” x 28” broadsheet publication in an edition of 2000 copies, published four times a year. Each issue consists of 3projects by writers andone full side visual project. Bundles of 100 copies of each issue will be sent out to 15 Distributors around the world to be left at a site of their choice and free for the taking. The list of sites and distributors are not fixed. Therefore, all issues published will not necessarily be available at any one location. LEF(t) WB Special Edition’s stand is located in the Whitney Museum bookstore, allowing free access to the publication.  An additional 400 copies will be distributed in quantities of 100 at locations in the other boroughs. The publication dates, table of contents, bios of the participants, and distribution sites will be announced via Twitter and Facebook.

Whitney Biennial Special Edition #1: On Structure
Publication date: March 1, 2014
The construction of form varies greatly both in process and resolution. The development of these, are relative to the maker’s understanding of the social and cultural armature that circumscribe their practice. 

  1. Visual Project: Fashion Zaldy
  2. Text: Poetry Christian Bök
  3. Text: Technical  Geeta Dayal
  4. Text: Nonfiction Susan Morgan

Whitney Biennial Special Edition # 2: On Appropriation
Publication date: April 1, 2014
Authorship is evolving. New narratives and alignments across fields are being generated as conversations, collaborations, and dialogues are repurposed.

  1. Visual Project: Industrial Design Rie Norregard
  2. Text: Nonfiction Hamish Robertson
  3. Text: Journalistic Ann Marie Cunningham and Ira Wolfman
  4. Text: Script TBD

Whitney Biennial Special Edition # 3: On Devices
Publication date: May 1, 2014
Culturally, socially and economically we increasingly live in an instrumental (purposeful) and institutionalized (standardized) environment. As such all relationships come to be thought of as practical things meant to serve some pre-determined objective.

  1. Visual Project: Graphic novel TBD
  2. Text: Script Annie Marter  
  3. Text: Journalistic Jackie Dent
  4. Text: Fiction Brad Fox