In New York, there once was a vibrant culture artist's bar – these places such as the Cedar Bar, Ninth Circle, Max's Kansas City, and The Liquor Store Bar were where artists, writers, critics, curators, musicians, dancers, etc. met to talk shop, argue politics and trade gossip. Though these bars were public spaces and open to all, their patrons represented a somewhat exclusive club of the producers of critical culture. Critical Practices Inc. (CPI) believes that such physical sites are necessary to advance and sustain critical, theoretical, and artistic practices. To address this situation, CPI is launching The Culture Club, with the objective of creating a site for the producers of critical culture to meet face-to-face, to share experiences, to exchange views, ideas resources and talk shop not market and real estate. CPI sees this initiative as putting into practice our mission of building new models and platforms "beside” existing ones by which to promote the types of associations and exchanges that define a community of critical producers.



TCC Presents: Call For Entry, Spring 2018:
The Culture Club Wants To Hear From You

We are now reviewing proposals for our Spring 2018 season. We are looking for poets, sound artists, painters, musicians, video artists interested in presenting their body of work.
The Culture Club is a site for the producers of critical culture to meet face-to-face, to share experiences, to exchange views, ideas and resources.

TCC meets every Tuesday night at 68 Jay St. Bar, Brooklyn. We view this space as an incubator for a more intimate and organic dialogue and therefore it is not a white cube space by design. Some of our most successful participants embrace the atmosphere of our setting.

We want to promote the types of associations and exchanges that define a community of critical producers. Join us!

Deadline: February 9, 2018
Questions may be directed to:
To apply click below:

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

TCC Presents: Social Night!

Let’s Get Social.
Join us this Tuesday as TCC ends the fall season at 68 Jay St Bar! Stop by, grab yourself a drink, and meet other creatives as we celebrate another immersive series of screenings, exhibitions, and panels.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
7:30 PM; 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

Art and Economics Laboratory at TCC Presents: Art Trivia Night

TCC blast image 12.12.17.jpg

Art & Economics Laboratory are back at it for the final installment of Art (World) Trivia in 2017. Test your knowledge of recent events and meet fellow misanthropes of cultural production.

Things you should know:

  • Trivia is played in teams - debate is encouraged - questions will get weird.
  • Trivia is unregulated, cheating is acceptable - so even if you're not a Russian oligarch or Larry Gagosian you have a good shot at winning if you leave your ethics at the door.
  • There will be prizes!


rt & Economics Laboratory began as an idea in 2014, and was founded in earnest in 2015 as a means to facilitate and expand economic literacy, employability, and meaningful participation in creative communities; and to reframe the definition of success for arts professionals. AEL was founded by Natasha Bunten, Ian Cofre, and Daniel Johnson.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
7:30 PM; 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

TCC Presents Ellen Levy ‘Meme Machines’ An Artist Presentation

Join us as artist Ellen Levy presents on her recent exhibition,‘Meme Machines’, concerning the transmission of ideas. ‘My aim is to have the viewer think about how libraries, like minds, breed ideas. To suggest this, I have designed a number ofexisting libraries whose structures visually reflect the urgent circumstances surrounding their origins. I conceive library collections and the memories they hold as activating the exterior shape of the architecture.’ The project will be the focus of her residency at the American Academy in Rome as a Visiting Artist this coming March.



Ellen K. Levy, PhD, is a NY-based media artist who co-chairs the NY Art and Science LASER program. Her practice encompasses experiential mixed-media installations, innovative forums, art/sci curatorial projects, and writing in the interface between art, science, and technology. She has exhibited widely in the US and abroad and was represented by Associated American Artists and Michael Steinberg Fine Arts. She was Past President of the College Art Association and former Special Advisor on the Arts and Sciences at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts (IDSVA). She has taught and lectured widely on art and neuroscience, including at the New School, the Banff Centre, Scripps institute (Jupiter), and Williams College.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
7:30 PM; 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

TCC Presents Watch Me Now: A Night Of Screenings

This week, TCC presents 'Watch Me Now,' a screening that brings together six artists working between performance and video. An obvious subversive element runs through the work that is reinforced by an even more interesting conceptual subversion of the medium. The artists here have worked brilliantly in creating spaces that allow us to sit with the subtlety of pain. The work here may discomfit, yet we’re able to laugh with it, enjoy it, and maybe not be so afraid of it.


Dalia Amara
Tamar Ettun
Jen Liu
Annie Malamet
Kawita Vatanajyankur
Liz Zito

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
7:30 PM; 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

Posing Still by Dalia Amara, 2017.

Posing Still by Dalia Amara, 2017.


TCC Presents An Evening of Music with Will Cameron 

The Culture Club presents: An Evening of Music with Will Cameron. Cameron will host an exciting curated experience of electronic music, beginning with Cloud Asylum: New Sounds in Electronic Music and then Balearic Disco: Live D.J. Set. Come join us!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
7:30 PM; 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

TCC Presents Going for the Hat Trick: A discussion on Professional Development in the Arts

The Culture Club presents: Going for the Hat Trick, an intimate discussion reflecting on the topic of professional development for those pursuing a career in the arts. A diverse group of artists, curators, and educators will discuss their personal journeys through the art world; where they have been, where they are now, and what do they envision for the future. Speakers and participants alike will be prompted to consider how a contemporary art practice requires an entrepreneurial drive and the need to wear multiple hats at any given time. Throughout the evening the group will address methodologies of time management and question various markers of "success". Please join us on Tuesday to listen, meditate, and discuss what it means to cultivate a career in the arts.

TCC blast image 11_14_17.jpg


Amanda Parmer
Ella Hilsenrath
Joiri Minaya
Katie Hector
Niki Singelton
Shelby Shaw
Son Kit

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
7:30 PM; 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

TCC Presents Dan Bainbridge performance curated by Monika Fabijanska

The performance will start at 7:45 PM.
Please join us for the performance followed by a discussion in a lively bar atmosphere.
Tampering with childhood fantasies, Western mythology and Eastern spirituality, Dan Bainbridge creates mixed-media objects, installations, assemblages, and performances employing his animated objects, music, and collaboration with other artists.

He makes toy-like animals that on a closer examination appear increasingly bizarre. His menagerie reminds of a medieval bestiary where no distinction was made between species native to Europe, exotic animals, and imaginary beings. For his most recent, 2017 solo exhibition at ART3, Bainbridge created sculptural works that were interactive and meant to be played with the help of unitars. The audience could stroke and pluck the instruments’ primitive single strings attached to the animal sculptures by electrical umbilical cords. The suspended whale, the hyena bust, the pig drum – these musical sculptures set the stage for a performance.


Dan Bainbridge, b. 1976 in Dubuque, IA, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated with MFA in Studio Art from the Illinois State University in Normal, IL (2006), where he had several exhibitions. Bainbridge had two solo shows at the ART3 gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2015, 2017) and presented three elaborate performances there.  He co-founded collectives Monkey Mop Boy and French Neon.

Monika fabijanska is an art historian with over 15 years’ experience in curating, producing, and managing arts. Based in New York City, she specializes in international contemporary art and has special interest in women's art and feminist art. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017
7:30 PM; 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

Dan Bainbridge's performance accompanying his exhibition Bestiary, ART3 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, June 13, 2015  © Dan Bainbridge 2015, photo Monika Fabijanska

Dan Bainbridge's performance accompanying his exhibition Bestiary, ART3 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, June 13, 2015  © Dan Bainbridge 2015, photo Monika Fabijanska

Dan Bainbridge's performance accompanying his exhibition The Room, ART3 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, June 24, 2017  © Dan Bainbridge 2017, photo Monika Fabijanska

Dan Bainbridge's performance accompanying his exhibition The Room, ART3 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, June 24, 2017  © Dan Bainbridge 2017, photo Monika Fabijanska

TCC blast image 10_31_17.png

TCC Presents Hudson Valley Murder & Mayhem A reading by author Andrew Amelinckx

Join award-winning crime reporter, freelance journalist and visual artist Andrew K. F. Amelinckx Halloween night as he reads from his newest historical true-crime book, "Hudson Valley Murder & Mayhem." Learn about Lizzie Halliday, one of America's first known female serial killers, and the last days of Jack "Legs" Diamond, a ruthless bootlegger who left Manhattan to consolidate control of the Catskills and ended up dead on a blood-soaked bed in an Albany rooming house.


Amelinckx grew up in Louisiana before making his home in New York. He holds an MFA in painting from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Amelinckx writes for Men’s Journal and Modern Farmer and is the former crime and courts reporter for The Berkshire Eagle newspaper. He's also the co-founder of Fellow Well Met, an online shop specializing in vintage, handcrafted & fine men’s accessories.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017
7:30 PM; 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

Image courtesy Samuel Zeller via

Image courtesy Samuel Zeller via

Media as Mediation
A 30-person round table discussion.

Presented by The Scheimpflug Lecture Series and hosted by Critical Practices Inc.

The MFA Photo, Video and Related Media Dept. at SVA is collaborating with Saul Ostrow, Founder and Director of Critical Practices INC. to host a roundtable discussion on the topic of Media as Mediation as part of the Department's Scheimpflug Lecture Series on the evening of Tuesday, October 24th, from 6:30-9:30 pm in the Department Big Room. For time’s sake, TCC members are welcome to witness this discussion and participate in conversation after the round table has concluded.
A moderator will create a framework for the topic and subsequently will open the discussion to the invited panel of concerned people in our community to anonymously and openly express their ideas and opinions. After the discussion, the participants will be identified to the audience who will be free to mingle and to discuss further thoughts or questions over refreshments.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
6:30- 9:30pm
School of Visual Arts - MFA Photography, Video, and Related Media.
Big Room 120; 214 E 21st St. New York, NY

Image Credit: Suzanne Lacy, Three Weeks in May, 1977.

Image Credit: Suzanne Lacy, Three Weeks in May, 1977.

TCC Presents: LET'S TALK ABOUT RAPE with Monika Fabijanska

Curator Monika Fabijanska will discuss her upcoming exhibition The Un-Heroic Act. Representations of Rape in Contemporary Women’s Art in the US, scheduled September-October 2018 at the Shiva Gallery at John Jay College for Criminal Justice, CUNY.
The exhibition proposes a concentrated survey of works devoted to rape, by three generations of women artists including Roya Amigh, Andrea Bowers, Angela Fraleigh, Natalie Frank, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Jenny Holzer, Suzanne Lacy, Ana Mendieta, Senga Nengudi, Yoko Ono, Carolee Thea, and Kara Walker. It will demonstrate that rape constitutes one of central themes in women’s art and analyze its rich iconography in all mediums.
The Un-Heroic Act is a sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts through which you can make a tax-deductible donation to support the exhibition and the catalog.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
7:30 PM; 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

The Culture Club Rules of the Game

  1. The Culture Club (TCC) has been initiated by Critical Practices Inc. (CPI)

  2. CPI’s role in TCC is to serve as facilitators in the realms of: Structure,Programming and the building of TCC’s Core

  3.  CPI does not administer nor fund TCC

  4.   CPI’s support of TCC consists of the networking of resources and the promotion of the organization .

  5. CPI understands that the primary activity of The Culture Club is to facilitate in the generation of a public site at which the producers of critical culture can meet face to face, to share experiences, and exchange views and ideas on issues effecting cultural practices and discourse.

  6.  TCC is not a service organization – it is a social organization based on democratic principles.

  7.  TCC is heterotopian and inclusive.

  8.  While meetings of the TCC may be initiated with a reading, lecture, screening, concert etc.  the initiation of conversation and discussion are TCC’s essential objective.

  9.  TCC_WU (Work Unit) is self-selecting and consists of a coordinator, a Secretary and members of the Core

  10.   TCC-Core consists of those participants who volunteer to create programming and facilitate interactions.  

  11.  Core membership is open to all who seek to contribute time, effort and ideas to the development of the TCC community.

  12.  Programming is by the invitation of TCC_WU (Work Unit).  Anyone and everyone may propose and facilitate the realization of TCC’s programming.

  13. TCC_WU’s authority resides in its responsiveness, intelligence and relevance to its community.

  14.  New voices are crucial are to be encouraged in this manner we intend to keep it messy.

  15.  Participants are encouraged to invite others to participate – this is how TCC will build its Core.

  16.  Central to maintaining TCC’s horizontal structure is that the necessity for limited institutional restraints relative to form, organization, content, and setting.

  17. Programming may be videoed, streamed, or broadcast on a need to basis and is dependent on the permission of the presenters.

  18. TCC meetings are weekly. Business meetings as needed.

  19. We ask all participants to respect The Rules of the Game.